Sunderdhunga Glacier – Maiktoli Base Camp Trek

  • Location Kumaon Himalayas
  • Duration 11 Days
  • Best Season Mid April to end of November. Avoid travelling in monsoon season.
  • Level Strenuous
  • Altitude 12,795 ft.

Tour Details

Beautiful Stones’ as the name translates to is itself intriguing enough to go explore the place – The Valley of Beautiful Stones.

Offering great views of Maiktoli, Mrigthuini, Tharkot and Panwali Dwar, the Sunderdhunga Valley trek is one of the most beautiful trek of Uttrakhand. This trek used to start from Lokharkhet, and Dhakuri used to be its first camp, a very beautiful one indeed ! New Jeep road has opened up till Kharkiya which skips the campsite and saves a day. Although, if you are trekking to experience the Himalayas and its beauty, we recommend stopping at Lokharkhet trek to Dhakuri on the next day. It passes through the Dhakuri pass, which offers good challenge at the beginning of the trek .

This trail follows the same route as that of the adjacent glaciers of Pindari and Kafni, before separating at the village of Khati. The trek takes you through dense forest, some of the remote villages of Kumaon and then to the ravine of the Sunderdhunga river to the beautiful campsite of Kathaliya, which then acts as your Exploratory base camp of the beautiful valley. Here you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful peaks in the region. Trek upto Maiktoli base camp and then to the Baluni top, Sukhram caves offers a spectacular view of the surrounding, something which will remain with your forever.. Devi kund, is a small hike from Baluni Top. If you are there to seek more high, you may trek higher to Nag Kund and also to Kanakata Pass if desired. 


Day 1

Kathgodam to Base Camp Loharkhet (5320 Ft.)

Day 2

Loharkhet to Dhakuri (8900 Ft.9K.M.)

Day 3

Dhakuri to Khati (7350 Ft. 7 K.M.)

Day 4

Khati to Jaitoli.(8100 Ft. 8 K.M.)

Day 5

Jatoli – Dhungia Dhaun (9100 Ft. 8 K.M.)

Day 6

Dhungia Dhaun to Kathalia (10650 Ft. 7 K.M.)

Day 7

Kathalia to Maiktoli and back.(14480 Ft .8 K.M.)

Day 8

Kathalia to Jaitoli (8100 Ft. 15 K.M.)

Day 9

Jaitoli to Dhakuri (8900 Ft. 15 K.M.)

Day 10

Dhakuri to Loharkhet – (9 K.M.)

Day 11

Bageshwar to Nanitaal

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