Satopanth Lake – Swargarohini Trek

  • Location Garhwal Himalayas
  • Duration 9 Days
  • Best Season Mid May to End of September
  • Level Moderate
  • Altitude 14,650 ft.

Tour Details

Satopanth Tal  With Swarga rohini trek  Experience – The Glacial Lake which is around 25kms from Badrinath, could be reached after a arduous trek crossing Lakshmiban and Chakratirtha. Natural Caves along the path are used as the night shelter. Around Badrinath places like Lakshmiban and Chakratirtha are steeped in legends.It is said that goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth)and her husband Narayan meditated in Lakshmiban and Chakratirtha respectively and while meditating, Narayan kept his famous Sudarshan Chraka on the valley which got depressed by the weight of that Chakra to form a beautiful round shaped meadow surrounded by lofty mountains. Traversing the satopanth glacier and hours of hard trekking on the treacherous moraine is required to reach the lake.The first thing that strikes you is the strange ethereal ambience of the lake, Calm and Soothing The perfectly triangle shaped lake is at the base of the snow crested Chaukhamba 1 peak. Satopanth tal trek is just for hardcore trekkers indeed!

Legend goes that the pandavas followed this path to reach the gates of heaven after the Mahabharata war. This area is shrouded in mystery. While trekking you’ll cross some of the highest snow covered peaks, breathtaking waterfalls (some of which don’t even make it to the ground because of the winds) and magnificent glaciers; you’ll trace the source of the Alaknanda River and knock on the gates of heaven at the Satopanth Taal.

Legend goes that on Ekadashi, Lord Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Mahesh (the destroyer) visit the lake for a holy dip. Each of the 3 corners of the triangular lake is occupied by one of them.


Day 1

Haridwar to Joshimath

Day 2

Joshimath to Badrinath - Mana village

Day 3

Mana village to Vasudhara water fall- Jamtoli trek-7 km

Day 4

Jamtoli to Shastradhara trek -6 km

Day 5

Shastradhara to Laxmivan – trek 6km

Day 6

Laxmivan to Satopanth Lake - SwargarohnI- trek-8km

Day 7

Satopanth Lake to Shastradhara

Day 8

Shastradhara to Badrinath

Day 9

Badrinath to Haridwar

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