Trek to Sunderdhunga

First Day

We will take bus from Kathgodam for Bageshwar. We will get to see some small hill stations like Bhimtal, Bhowali, Kainchi Dham, Almora, etc. on our way. From Almora, there are two routes for Bageshwar; one via Kosi Kausani Baijnath and the other one through Kasar Devi Binsar Takula. Bageshwar, where sacred confluence of Saryu-Gomti and Tapasthali of Rishi Markandeya is there, an ancient temple of Lord Shankar popular with the name Bagnath temple is situated near the confluence.

Here, Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati had disguised themselves as tiger and cow in order to wake up Rishi Markandeya from his meditation. Bageshwar is a historical, ancient city having Lord Shankar’s temple on a hill called Nileshwar and Goddess Chandika’s ancient temple on Bhileshwar hill, having river Saryu flowing in between both the temples. You get everything needed for trekking, eatables & clothes in Bageshwar and there are full arrangements for night stays.

Second Day

After breakfast in morning, we will reach Bharadi via Shore of Saryu River by Jeep. It is the last big market on Pindari trekking route. We will go for the sight of Tapt Kund from Bharadi via Shore of Saryu River and reach Song-Loharkhet and from there we will tramp to Khalidhar. In Khalidhar we will reach Jhandidhar. In Jhandidhar there is a small and beautiful temple of Goddess Nandadevi and there is a small teashop also. . In Jhandidhar, almost all the trampers take rest. From Jhandidhar we reach Talla Dhakuri where there are huts and houses for local people’s animals and from where you’ll get a very beautiful sight. We reach Goddess Chilta temple Dhakuri top from Talla Dhakuri. From here, Pindari valley looks beautiful and the villages of Pindari valley- Badiyakot, Soraag, Kilpara, Dhur, Dola, Teekh, Unniya, Vachham, Jaitoli and the last village of Pindari route- Khati is seen. One route from Dhakuri top goes to Chilta Mudir & Chilta Bugyal and the other one goes directly down to the Dhakuri field. Dhakuri is the point of most beautiful sights of Pindari, Kafni and Sundardhunga route. . From Dhakuri you get to see Mactoli peak, Mrigdhuni peak, Mrigdhuni range, Nandaghat, Nandakot, Nandadevi East, Creamroll, Dharkot, Bhanoti tent peak, Jhanguj, Lajpadhura, Lamchir, Balchuri, etc. mountain ranges. This place will please you and your heart. From Loharkhet to Dhakuri, a route of 9 km will take you around 6 hours. It’s a zigzag way of a slight ascent. You will get water at many places and the whole trekking route is full of forests of Baanj, Buransh, Kharsu, Timur, etc. which is immensely beautiful.

Third Day

After breakfast in morning, we will leave for village Khati.This whole way goes through forests of Kharsu and Buransh trees. Going 3 km downwards from Dhakuri is a place called Kharkiya where road is there that meets Loharkhet. After Kharkiya is situated a village called Umla that has a primary school for village kids. After Umla village is a place called Dau where 20 families reside and then comes Khati village which is the last village in Pindari trekking. The main source of earning of people of this village is through horses, mules, cows, goats and tourism and the major crops for farming are potato, millet, kidney beans, chawlai, etc. There is a huge temple of goddess Kali in the village and all the tourists move further after visiting the temple. From village Khati  is a route for Village Jaitoli which is the last village for Sunderdhunga trekking route. Khati is an 8 km descent from Dhakuri and around a hundred families live there.

Fourth Day

DFrom village Khati we reach Ridang. On way, crossing the Sunderdunga river and a slight ascent and zigzag way through the dense forests, we reach the village Jaitoli. It is the last village of Sunderdunga Glacier having potato, kidney beans and chawlai as its major crops, residing 50 families and having a primary school for the village kids.

Fifth Day

We leave Jaitoli for Dhungiyadhung. It is a camp place in between a forest which is 8 km away from Jaitoli. It has forests of Ringal, Buransh, Kharsu, Deodar, etc.

Sixth Day

After doing breakfast at Dhungiyadhung, we leave for Kathliya. There is a slight ascent on the way. We see forests of Ringal and trees of Buransh flowers. As soon as we reach Kathliya, we get the sight of Maiktoli peak. This whole trekking way is very adventurous and beautiful. Night is spent in tents.

Seventh Day

After breakfast in morning, we leave to see the Sunderdunga Glacier. On way in the Sunderdunga River, there is a huge river that works as a bridge. Sunderdunga glacier is named after it as dunga means a stone. We have to go through Bugyals to reach Sunderdunga glacier. On the left to Sunderdunga glacier is Khadkhadiya top. And right above it is Maiktoli Base Camp from where river also originates. We have to go there with packed lunch and it takes 6-7 hours to come and go.

Eighth Day

Today in morning, after taking breakfast we reach Devikund from Kathliya via Bailoni Top. Its Goddess Nandadevi’s sacred pool and the belief is that mother goddess baths in this pool. From Bailoni top we get the sight of Tent peak, Bhanoti peak, Panwalidhwar, Maiktoli, Dharkot and other mountain ranges. It takes around 7 hours to go and come back to Kathliya from Bailoni top –Devikund. It is about a 14 km trek.

Ninth Day

After doing breakfast in Kathliya, we leave for Jaitoli which takes about 7-8 hours.

Tenth Day

After the breakfast, we will take the route for Khati from Jaitoli which is about 7 km away. And then for Dhakuri from Khati which is about 8 km. It takes 4-5 hours to reach Dhakuri from Jaitoli.

Eleventh Day

After having our meal in Dhakuri, and an ascent of 11 km, there is 9 km trek of descent for Song.And after that we come to Bageshwar by a vehicle.

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