Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

First Day

In morning we leave for Munsiyari either by bus or by jeep. On way, we get a beautiful sight of Bhimtal Lake. We reach Almora via Bhimtal, Bhowali and Kainchidham. Going on Pithoragarh road from Almora,we can visit Chitayi Golu Mandir. In Chitayi Golu’s Darbar, devotees write their wishes in letters and hang it and Lord Golu fulfills all their wishes. After that, on our way, we find a small, beautiful and famous hill station called Chaukori. We reach Birthi fall from Chaukori via Thal market. Birthi Fall, falls from a height of about 80 ft and it’s a very beautiful fall. After Birthi, we reach Munsiyari. When we reach Munsiyari, we see Panchachuli mountain range right in front of our eyes that pleases the mind of the tourists and takes away all the tiredness from the tourists. Before we reach Munsiyari, at Kalamuni we see a temple of Goddess Kali and near the Balati Band, Forest Department’s Herbal Garden & beautiful trees of Buransh, Banj, Kharsu, and Deodar pleases the heart. Night stay is done in hotel.

Second Day

After breakfast, we will go to Dhapa Band by Jeep and from there we walk towards village Lilam. There, after doing our entry registered in the ITBP checkpost, we reach Pankchu. It takes 5-6 hours to go to Pankchu from Dhapa which is at a 12 km distance.

Third Day

After having breakfast in Pankchu and taking along the packed lunch, we leave for Bogudiyar. About 3 km direct ascent from Pankchu is Nain Singh Top. The name of Nain Singh Top was taken from the famous surveyor of village Milam, P. Nain Singh. P. Nain Singh had done the survey work of George Everest and the other famous peaks. We get down from Nain Singh Top where passing Babaldhar and crossing the bridge near the train, along with the shore of Gauri Ganga, we reach Bogudiyar. The whole way is full of forests of Banj, Kharsu, deodar, Ringal, etc. It takes about 8-9 hours to reach Bogudiyar from Pankchu which is about 18 km. It is on a height of 8910 ft. Night stay is in tent and Bogudiyar is situated near the shore of Gauri Ganga.

Fourth Day

After breakfast, we leave Bogudiyar for Rilkot. It is about 15 km from Bogudiyar. Because of calamity, this route has been broken and become long. On way, one can find Flora and Fauna in huge amount. 4-5 km from Bogudiyar, you fill find the temple of Nahardevi. Earlier there was a very beautiful temple but in the floods of year 2013, this temple and the way was drown away. From Nahardevi to the Chhira of Dirkani, you will have to walk very carefully. From Dirkani Chhira, the valley starts to open slowly and gradually and by the time we reach Rilkot, the valley starts to look bigger and the wide banks of Gauri Ganga look very beautiful. It takes 7-8 hours to be there. Rilkot is at a height of 10560 ft. It takes 7-8 hours to reach village Milam from Rilkot.

Fifth Day

After breakfast we walk on the road towards village Martoli and after visiting Goddess Nandadevi, we reach village Burphu. From here, after crossing the bridge built over Gauri Ganga, we head towards village Milam. There’s another village on the way called village Bilju. This village by the road side is very beautiful. After walking for about 18 km comes village Milam which is very beautiful and is spread over to long distance. Village Martoli is very beautiful. If you didn’t see village Martoli on Milam trek, you did not see anything. The valley from Burphu to Ganghar is very beautiful and is a spread over.  The covered hills give us the feeling as if we are in Switzerland. It is very cold in village Milam during nights. Village Milam is situated at a height of 3420 m. We see Hardeval & Trishui peak on the way and Nandadevi Main and East Peak is also seen. Near the village Burphu, we leave towards village Ganghar for Nandadevi base. On our way, we find village Mapa which is a very beautiful village and from here, village Ganghar is situated at a distance of 4 km. After we reach Ganghar village, we set our camp by the side of the village. Panchu Gaad originates near the village Ganghar. Near Panchu Gaad is the village Panchu. Both are very beautiful and in front of them flows Gauri Ganga. As we reach Ganghar village, we see Nandadevi Pean and Nandadevi East which is a very beautiful sight.

Sixth Day

Today after breakfast, we go to Panchu Glacier View Point and after seeing Nandadevi Base Camp, we come back to Ganghar which becomes a memorable moment and seeing so much natural beauty our heart gets self-inspired.

Seventh Day

After breakfast, we leave village Ganghar and head towards Rilkot that takes 5-6 hours and it’s a normal trek.

Eighth Day

After doing breakfast in Rilkot, we leave for Bogudiyar. It’s a good feeling and the trek is normal.

Ninth Day

After an early morning breakfast in Bogudiyar, we take the route for Pankchu. Today’s trek is arduous but the preparations to come back have to be done carefully. It takes 6-7 hours to reach Bogudiyar, Nain Singh Top, Pankchu. The night stay is done in Pankchu.

Tenth Day

After an early morning breakfast, we reach Dhapa Band from Pankchu via village Lilam and Jimmy Ghat. From here, we reach our hotel in Munsiyari by Jeep and take the lunch. In evening, after taking bath, we go for Munsiyari’s local sight-seeing.

Eleventh Day

After breakfast, we leave Munsiyari for Kathgodam.

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